Friday, December 26, 2008

Phat Loot

Yeah, I got some pretty cool stuff for Christmas.. And here it is :

Patrick stuffed toy from TX, Yi Fen and Alycia,
Book on how to draw stuff from my mum,
Green Lantern shirt (not here, 'cos it's in the wash) and Superman keychain from my dad,
Card and a very practical pouch thing with a water bottle and a mug from Gary,
Card and muffin (not there, 'cos I ate it =D) from Heidy,
Card from Andrea,
Chocolates and money from my maid Lualhati,
A book (Facing The Giants) from my aunt and uncle in Singapore,
a snowglobe from the CF Christmas party gift-exchange,
and a wonderful, new guitar case from my brothers and sister.

Yeah, that's some phat loot, alright. Thanks everyone!

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