Friday, December 5, 2008

Mark'd, Label'd And Tag'd

* U must answer everything
* Have to be honest…no lying
* Answer exatcly what the question asked you
* You CANNOT tag the person that tagged you.

Best Friends:
1. Who are your best friends?= Mr. Pencil, Mr. Marker, Mr. Bunnsy and Ms. Sketchy

2. Why is he/she/it your best friend?= Two of them can draw better than I can, one of them is fictional and the other can be read like an open book.

3. Your impressions towards that friend?= Which friend?

4. How long have you all been best friends?= Ever since Mr. Pencil touched my hand, Mr. Marker arrived for Christmas, Mr. Bunnsy was born in my mind and Ms. Sketchy was put under my not-so-loving care.

5. Is he/she retarded at times?= Mr. Pencil sometimes fails to draw me nice pictures.

Who Is Your Most…(max:2!)
6. Most Loyal friend : Mr. Pencil. He always draws things out for me, in a slow, slow fashion.

7. Funniest friend : Mr. Bunnsy never fails to crack me up, pour me out, and fry me up.

8. Smartest friend : Mr. Bunnsy. 'cos Yeah, I'd say it's competition between Wan Jyn, Hui Xian and Krystle.

9. Most Retarded friend : Ms. Sketchy. She never fails to get herself dirty with pencil and marker.. marks.. both inside and outside.

10. Weirdest friend : Weird is such a rude term. I shall use "mentally challenged and underachieved", because people like Mr. Bunnsy and Mr. Pencil will NEVER understand what those words mean.

11. Best looking friend : They look like imagination.

12. Most Disgusting friend : Mr. Pencil. He eats lead like a sheep eats sunlight.

13. Silliest friend : For reference, look at object (mirror).

14. Most Athletic friend : Mr. Low Chee Hoe. He comes in close second for many other categories mentioned, but second best just doesn't cut it.

15. Most Outstanding friend : Too many of my friends prefer standing inside for me to have a good outstanding friend.

16. Do you have lots of friends? = Of course! Here's one right now! C'mere, Memphis. Memphis doesn't do much, but when he's charged up, he can play music as well as any other mp3.

17. Why you don’t/do have a lot of friends?=
17. Why do/don't you have a lot of friends? = I have a lot of friends because my friends are always wherever, however and as good as I imagine them to be.

18. Is it you that causes friends to hate you? = No. Whatever happens/has happened is Billy's fault.

19. Do you have any enemies?= No, I don't imagine I have any.

20. Why is she/he your enemy?= See question 19.

21. Do you wish you guys didn’t start arguing? = Nope. I don't imagine they argue at all..

22. Did you made a mistake that caused you to ALMOST lose a friend? = I nearly made a mistake that caused me to lose ALL my friends.. The mistake being, I nearly stopped being imaginative in what I think about.

23. Are you a good friend? = Yes, I imagine so.
More than friends :

24. Did you have a crush on your “friend”? =
24. Did you crush your "friend"? = Why, yes. Yes I d-.. Uh, oh THAT friend? Yeah, Billy did that.

25. Who is he/she? = It, you sexist.

26. Do you have a bf/gf? = No, I do not have bear flatulence, nor do I have grape fudge.

28. Have you ever broke up with them cause of something stupid? = Refer to question 26.

29. How old are you? = Fourteen.. for now.

30. How old is your bf?= Refer to question 26.

31.Do you think IT is right to have one at this age? = No, bear flatulence should never be had at any age. I haven't tried grape fudge yet, so I wouldn't know.

32. Are you desperate in having one? = Refer to question 31.

33. Do you think you’re in love? = No. I don't think.

34. Do you enjoy not being single? = I'm sorry, I'm a bit deaf in my left ear.

35. Did your life change because of him/her? it? = Refer to question 26.

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