Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mark'd, Label'd And Tag'd : Mark II!

Due to some.. difficulties, Timothy was not able to produce many pictures of himself, and had to compromise his self-image in many ways. Unfortunately this compromise has left him weak and unable to eat anymore sunlight and as a side effect, has started referring to himself in third-person.

1. A picture of you at the most unique environment:

Why is this place unique?
Have a look at it. I'm sure it's pretty obvious why it's unique.

2. A picture of you in a place you dislike.

Describe why you dislike that place?
Sejarah. Need I say more?

3. A picture of you with your best smile ( mouth open) :

Why were you smiling ?

5. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth closed) :

Were you posing or natural smiling?
I don't know, but this is the only picture I could find in which I was smiling with my mouth closed. Nifty!

6. A picture of you with your lamest pose :

Give this picture a caption:
Timothy and Ken Vyn say, "YES!"
Alycia says, "SO MEAN!"
Jason and Ivan say, "GOOD JOB!"
Heang-Lee says, "...!"

7. A picture of you in a white shirt:

Why were you wearing white instead of black?
Definitely 'cos I'm not racist. Definitely.. *shiftyeyes*

8. A candid picture with you and your friend:

I tag :
-Mr. Pencil
-Ms. Sketchy
-Mr. Marker
-Mr. Bunnsy
-[insert other friend here]

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