Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mr. Bunnsy Has A Bad Day, Pt. 3

"Oh dear!, thought Mr. Bunnsy. A Blue Moon! Who in Furry Bottom did not know about the Blue Moon? Not Mr. Bunnsy. There were many stories about it, and how children from another world could sometimes get through to theirs. It was not uncommon that these sometimes nasty little children got into their world, but it was almost sure that at least one would come through, if not a pair, on a blue moon. Sometimes, the boy or girl would be very well behaved and would conveniently go off to save a fairy princess. However, if the child was bad, he or she would probably learn a thing or two from a witch. There was at least one in every town, and Furry Bottom was no exception. In Furry Bottom lived a short, squat lady who presumably had a neck in between her face and her dress. This witch in particular was a Sand Witch, and she had the misfortune of being named Margaret "Please Note Spelling For This Next Bit" Thripp when the priest did what he was told to do and that which was written on the little bit of paper given to him."

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