Monday, June 2, 2008


I am quite tired,
So I scoff at thee, homework,
I'll do you later.

Yeah, for some reason, I keep on coming up with haikus. Got nothing else to write about, I guess. The part about the homework is true, though.. Got some KH stuff and some Seni stuff which I haven't done yet. And while I think of something funny to write about, this should keep you occupied.

Choose your answer! Is it :
A. You eated my cookieh?
B. Who needs cookiez? I has Inturnetz!
C. You eated my cookieh! Now I iz emoz!
D. I iz take revenge by steeling ur wurdz!
E. I iz not needing cookiehs! I has MEDZ!

1 comment:

a very truthful Sha Lynn said...

You, my friend...lead a very sad life concerning wurdz and cookiehz.
that's all i wanted to say