Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Bout Time

Gasp! That's right, I've finally created a blog. Don't expect an update very often, and if I DO update often, I either have nothing else to do, or I suddenly started thinking a lot. So, yeah, anyway, I just came back from YC Camp yesterday. It was teh awesome. Pastors Cameron and Renee were great, and we finally got Tim C to actually START TALKING! It's an amazing accomplishment, really. Oh, and we watched a video that makes the science we learn in school look more boring than it already is. Also, I CAN TALK LIKE ELMO! YAAAAAAY! I can do Barney's voice too, I think.. Don't remember how he sounds like, but I don't plan to find out. Barney is scary. =P


Wai Kit said...

u should change your profile u r 14 years old this year.


a very truthful Sha Lynn said...

Barney scares me too...=(
poor kids having to work with a huge purple dinosaur....

Sha Lynn